Scheduler to create and copy log files

Tested on Windows 7 pro, 64bit/ Windows 10, 64bit, with Visu+ 2.43

Visu+ Scheduler allows you to perform recurrent tasks like generating reports, run external applications etc.

The example below will use the following scenario: you need to run, export log reports and move them to My Documents on the same computer the BMS project is running, twice a day.

  1. On the left side, on Project’s Resources, right-click on Schedulers to add a new scheduler to the branch 
  2. On the right side, you’ll see the new schedule properties. Add a meaningful name in Scheduler Name, input the execution frequency in Scheduler Type, and the time of first run in Scheduler Time
  3. Enter the Commands ON field and click on the 3 dots button on the right. Here, you will define the sequence of commands that need to be performed. They will be executed in the same order they are listed. In case you forgot something and add it later, move it to its appropriate position using drag and drop. 
  4. First, you need to read all variables. In this case is done with a Basic Script called Variable Index. Click on New Command, select Script tab. On the Script field, click on the 3 dots button – a new dialog will allow you to select your script. Click Ok on both dialogs – your new command will be displayed like [type]-[action]-[parameter]. In this case ‘Script-Run normal-Variable Index’.
  5. Click on Add Wait Time. The bandwidth of a BMS communication channel is much narrow than we are used to with internet and personal computers. So, for each process that needs a transfer of larger amount of data, you’ll need to add a wait time. Otherwise, Visu+ will enter in demo mode and this can be misleading for the user. Once you add it, you can change the default value of 1000 milliseconds to a new value, as needed.  Add one by one all the reports you want to run, followed each by a wait time (eg. 30000 milliseconds).
  6. Now that the reports are generated, you can add a command to run a batch script that will copy or move them to another location. See example of batch script here (open in new tab).  The final command list will look something like this, depending on what reports and commands you defined: 
  7. To create the second schedule, select the one you just finished and use Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v to copy-paste it. Or right-click, copy, right-click, paste. Change the Scheduler Name and Schedule Time.


To explore more options, please refer to Visu+ help: click on the item of interest and press F1.